Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jazz it up!

My husband comes from a family of spaghetti LOVERS. I'm more of a spaghetti liker than lover, which translates to me avoiding the leftovers. I often times freeze the sauce so we don't have to eat it two nights in a row.

I'm not about to tackle a spaghetti sauce recipe. Everyone has their own special sauce. What I decided to do was transform the sauce we already had into what felt like a completely different dish. In fact, I made this dish for some company and 1. they loved it. 2. they were amazed when I told them how simple it was!

Here's spaghetti sauce leftover:
I added in some of this: (maybe 1/2 cup cream and a good handful of cheese)
And this blushy, beautiful sauce was the outcome:
I toss some freshly cooked bowtie pasta with the sauce, pair it with some delicious bread, and maybe a salad. Suddenly it feels like we're at an Italian restaurant. Crazy fast. Crazy delicious. See what your family thinks!

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