Friday, November 15, 2013


I recently purchased these little shooter cups from IKEA.  Shooters are crazy quick to whip up and make a lovely presentation.  You could also layer these kinds of desserts in regular cups, in wine glasses, or anything else you have.
I baked my chocolate cake in a large bun pan so it was thin enough to cut into circles.  I cut circles out of the entire cake then froze the extras so they're easy to pop into cups next time I want to make a layered beauty.  I am baking a white cake this afternoon (and maybe a lemon one too), to cut and freeze.
Possibilities are endless--lemon cake with raspberries and whipped cream, cookies & cream, peanut butter mousse with chocolate cake and whipped cream, strawberry short cake, yogurt with fruit and granola, etc etc!

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake Shooter

1 small box instant cheesecake pudding mix
2 cups milk
1 8-oz cool whip
chocolate cake circles
caramel topping
2 Heath or Skor candy bars, crushed

Mix pudding with milk and let set up for 5 minutes in fridge.  Beat cool whip into pudding until blended.  Pour into a gallon size ziploc bag and cut off the corner.

In a cup, layer one piece of cake.  Pipe a circle of cheesecake pudding mix on top of the cake.  Drizzle caramel and a few pieces of the candybar.  Repeat.

This made 12 desserts, but it all depends on the size of your serving glasses.

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